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Way too dusty

by Vickie

I'm on the second box of Exquisicat Scoop from Petsmart.

I have no complaint about it except that the dust is overwhelming. The whole house has litter dust, especially a shelf that is right over the litter box. The cats track it around the house.

Odor control and clumping are fine. But not the dust.

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Way too dusty

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Feb 07, 2012
Exquisicat is Dustier than Ever
by: Cindy Dreste

I have been fostering cats for approximately 13 years & have been using Exquisicat for most of those years. In the past several months, the dust has been overwhelming.

I have used all types, fragrance free, baking soda & fresh scent. Have you changed your product? I buy 2 40lb. boxes a week which is a substantial amount. The dust is everywhere.

The price is right, but the dust bothers my allergies so that I may need to change products to the more expensive ones. Please let me know if this a temporary problem.

Jul 29, 2011
Ditto for the WAY TOO DUSTY
by: Susan

When my favorite litter of all time was discontinued at Walmart (their brand- Special Kitty Dark Red Box) I bought 3 boxes of Exquisicat at PetsMart. I had never used it before, so I should have only bought one box. It was an ok litter except for the choking and wheezing from the dust storm when I changed the litter box or when I scooped. It controlled the odor well, so I have no complaint there, however, I like quick hard clumping (like concrete) litter because it is so easy to scoop the poop and urine. This litter clumped, but the clumps fell apart when I scooped the litter box. Back to the search for great litter!!!

Feb 22, 2010
Very dusty !!!
by: Anonymous

I have used the non-fragrance for well over a year and it has been fine. I have 5 cats and I purchase 6 containers each month to very 1.5 months. This last month I bought the litter and it is horrible. The dust is unreal! Looks like I have to find another litter brand again.

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