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Favorite but it tracks like most

Punky in the sink

Punky in the sink

We have used this litter for a long time with our 7 indoor cats and one large litter box (actually a storage container).

The only problem I would still like to see solved is the fact that it tracks all over the house, onto every surface the cats jump up onto.

All the litters do also. Tried the natural Arm and Hammer which smells nice at first due to lot of perfume but gets urine smell after a while.

Also tried the wheat one but it gets pasty-too much starch I think. So, keep coming back to the Fresh Results which used to be more expensive, then was the cheapest at $5.47 at Walmart.

It has now gone up to 6.67 but all the others have gone up more. Smells nice, lasts long, clumps well. Just change it after a while and sweep it up.

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