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Feline Pine Clumping has been a tracking nightmare!

I decided to try Feline Pine Clumping as a more natural alternative to the FreshStep/ScoopAway habit that I had been in.

When I bought this litter, I loved it at first. The box was lighter, price was comparable to what I had been paying. I poured it into the litter box and was, again, happy: seemed like the box would last much longer, and it just smelled like wood chips, rather than cat litter. Loved it!

....that is, until the cats started actually using it. This litter does not have the pellet style that I've read is a feature of the non-clumping Feline Pine. It is a very fine grain, and within one day, I was finding it EVERYWHERE. Not only do the cats track it everywhere, it sticks to MY feet every time I go into the bathroom! Not fun.

As for odor control, I'm not overly impressed. It seems to cover up urine smells quite well, but the house smells every time a cat does #2.

I think I'm going to try the non-clumping version that supposedly works better!

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