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Feline Pine is one of the best selling brands of biodegradable, earth friendly, natural litters made by Nature's Earth. This pine cat litter was invented by president and founder, Ken Simard in 1992.

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After much testing to find a healthy and environmentally friendly solution for a better cat litter, he decided to use shavings from the Southern Yellow Pine. Southern Yellow was found to be one of the best for its absorbent abilities but also for its fabulous odor control.

His idea was quickly patented and swiftly gained popularity due to such high demand from cat lovers for a natural, green alternative for cats.

Why buy it?

Feline Pine is made out of pine lumber shavings and is in the form of pellets which can easily be flushed down the toilet (please read the hazards of flushable cat litter to the environment!) or used as mulch for non edibles in the garden.

The products in the line include Feline Pine Scoop (clumping litter), Original and a Feline Pine Litter box. This natural pine cat litter is also surprisingly very economical with a 4 lb bag running in the $4.99 range.


Compared to its clay counterpart..this special pine cat litter has been known to be virtually dust free and is a favorite of many earth conscious cat owners.

This cat litter contains no harsh chemicals and is an all natural solution for a greener household. It is also a safe litter for kittens to use. Clay litters should not be used for kittens under 2 months old because it can be toxic if ingested.

Many users of Feline Pine rave about its odor control abilities as well as a dust free litter box environment which is a big problem with many clay based litters. Read more about clay kitty litter and reviews here.

Odor control

One of the most talked about pros to this natural cat litter is its odor control. Since it's made from natural pressed pine it controls odors remarkably well. Many users report it has a light, pleasant wood aroma that is not too strong.

Adjusting to the litter

One of the few cons of this litter is that a few owners have reported that their cats are having trouble adjusting to the pellets with a few refusing to use the new litter. One of the methods that the manufacturer recommends to help your cat switch is to try and gradually expose kitty to the litter by sprinkling some pellets on top of her existing litter.

Over time you can then increase the amount of this new pine litter. You'll gradually use less and less of your old litter, until you are using only the pine.

However, it appears that it is definitely harder to get an older cat to switch over when she is used to a particular cat litter!

Read William's story and his refusal to use a different litter. One additional problem reported is some difficulty when cleaning out poop.

The pellets are larger than finer grained litters and while sifting, it's quite possible to sift too much resulting in wasting the unused pellets. This might be solved by purchasing a sifter with larger slats.

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Luckily, with the size of the pellets, it is very unlikely that kitty will track this new litter around the house. That is unless; you have a cat that may find them fun to play with!

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