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First & Probably Last Try of Arm and Hammer Litter

by Sandy C
(Sun City West, AZ)

I recently bought a big box of Arm & Hammer Extra Strength clumping litter and am very disappointed.

Like Wendy, I noticed way too much dust, just as much as the Tidy Cat I've used for several years.

In addition, the cats don't really poop in that the box; they just pee and I notice it sinks immediately to the bottom even though I have 2 or 3 inches of litter in the box (don't have this problem with Tidy Cat).

Also, the litter is so dense that it's a big effort to scoop and it's worse because I'm scraping up wet stuff. Odor control is okay for pee and don't know that the cats track it as much, but doubt that I will buy it again.

I'd give it a 1 and will stick with the Tidy Cat for the time being.

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