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Think Twice Before You Flush?

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Why would you want flushable cat litter, anyway? Well, when you first think about the idea, it may seem very convenient. You're busy with family, work, getting chores done around the house and you need convenience versus something that (for lack of better words.. is just too much work!

flushable cat litter
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That flushable cat litter is looking pretty darn good..isn't it? Especially, if you're an apartment dweller and live 3 floors up and the garbage bin is.. well, not too close! You just scoop it out, flush it and then it's gone!

The bad news is that flushing your cat's litter down the toilet could be damaging the ecosystem.

While the majority of flushable cat litters are biodegradable (which is great) please think about the huge downside of flushing your cat's litter.

Hazards of Flushing Litter- What are they?

You may have heard about the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii or T. gondii, which cats are the primary hosts of.

Cats are also the only mammals that pass this parasite through the feces. And guess where that poop goes when you flush your flushable litter down the toilet. It gets taken to your local sewage treatment plant.

Unfortunately, water treatment facilities current processes aren't designed to eliminate this harmful parasite. So it moves on into the greater bodies of water unharmed.

Yikes! So if your cat happens to be infected and if you flush their litter this could possibly be causing an adverse affect on marine life.

Scientists are speculating that this parasite is infecting sea mammals like the cute sea otter and causing premature death.

If your cat has not been tested and cleared of this parasite, you should throw your flushable litter in the garbage until he is clear.

Find more information on the T. gondii parasite.

Green Eco Friendly Litter?

If you really want to help the planet then you can begin by recycling more, conserving energy and depositing less waste, such as plastics to your local landfills. So when considering a cat litter substrate you can still opt for one that is biodegradable such as the flushable, green eco friendly variety. You can also give the biodegradable Biobags a try. You can also read my review on Biobags.

You might also be interested in a cat water fountain to keep your cat drinking water daily for a healthy urinary tract.

But is it really eco-friendly if you flush it? If you use clays, remember that clay litters do not biodegrade, read some reviews on the different brands of clay kitty litter here.

Disposing of Cat Litter Properly

To be safe, if you are in any way unsure if your cat is infected or if they are allowed to roam around outdoors you should not flush your cat's litter down the toilet.
  • Don't flush cat litter down the toilet
  • Don't let your cat use the potty outside (It gets washed away and goes to the sewer drain)
  • Dispose of cat poop properly by throwing it in the trash
For more information please see this super informative article about sea otter deaths and flushable cat litters.

It's very disturbing that this parasite is causing harm to the environment and if your skeptical about it.. the big question arises..how did the sea otters become infected in the first place?

What more damage is this causing? In summary, if you are not sure if your cat is infected and still want to purchase flushable litter then do the environment and everyone else a favor by not flushing it. You may just save a life!

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