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Fresh Results Cat Litter Review

by Maria Suarez
(Chickamauga Ga USA)

Here are 4 of my 5 beautiful girls!

Here are 4 of my 5 beautiful girls!

I have tried many different kinds and brands of cat litter. I have 5 indoor cats, so they are pretty tough on litter.

I have used clay based, silica based, sawdust, and this. I must say, with the exception of the tracking problem, this is the best performing litter I have ever purchased. I don't even mind the tracking, as it is a result of the litter being so light. I have degenerative disc disease in my spine and heavy litters are painful to clean, purchase, store, and use.

I initially put about 3 inches of this litter in their box. I scoop every evening and still haven't had to add more or replace the litter, even though I put the litter in for them last Monday evening and it is now the next Monday evening. The menthol smell is great, when you scoop it renews and keeps on covering the urine and feces smells.

I can already tell that this litter is going to be more economical than any other I have used, as well as being eco-friendly. It is going to be my brand for a long time.

With my savings on litter, the purchase of a litter mat won't hurt my pocketbook at all. I am so pleased with this product, I could be a spokesperson, lol.

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