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by Carol
(Kissimmee, FL)

Have been mixing this with my cat's usual "clay-type" clumping litter so he would become accustom to it. So far, perfect.

He had no problems from day one. We used to know right away whenever he had a BM, whew!! But now, he can go and we uaually never know he has and that is wonderful.

I imagine when the box is full of this litter it will be even better. But I would continue to mix it too if it seemed more cost effective. Don't know yet how long it will last when used alone but I would definiely never go back to "regular" litter alone ever again.

It is definitely worth its price. My cat had no problem switching to it but as stated, have been adding it gradually and am still not even at 50/50 but getting close. No dust and haven't noticed him tracking it either.

Would definitely recommend and will for sure keep buying. We only have one cat but I would think it would be perfect for a multiple cat home as well.

We took in a stray for a weekend before we found her owner and used it full strength for her and she had no probelm using the box and we didn't even know if she was litter-box trained.

She was an indoor cat that had escaped and owner was thrilled to have her back and we were glad she did so well with us though we kept the two cats completely separate.

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