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fresh results clumping corn cob litter

by Dawn
(Ithaca NY )

The best litter I have ever bought and the price is just right. No dust ,yes it tracks just like most litters,not as much and a mat helps a lot ,very light,especially when you have health issues.I was so surprised by the smell,best smelling litter I ever smelled.The boxes are easy to clean and if you scoop and replace what you scooped there is no smell.It doesn't harden to bottom of box like clay does I clean 5 boxes for 8 cats and I only buy 2 bags a week,once a month I buy 3.Its very long lasting.Sometimes I let the boxes get low on litter and really freshen it up. Male cats have a stronger urine smell ,I have 5 males.I can't say enough good about it.and did I mention price,worth every penny.I pay around $6 at Walmart,seems to be the only place I can find it,but I also haven't looked to hard.I hope this helped people who hate cat litter as I do.I also went to ollies and found giant mats with small rows That trap the litter.made by fresh kitty $8 and petsmart sells tracker mats for $30 .even worth the price.hope this also helps.

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