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Fresh Results is the Best Ever

by Missy
(Central Texas)

We have 6 indoor cats so in most cases the smell would be enough to kill the average family.

However, we found Fresh Results about 3 years ago and have never looked back. Both my husband and I work with animals of all species, including cats, in our spare time at an animal sanctuary here in Central Texas.

A few bags of Fresh Results made it out there one time and it was amazing. It clumps, it eliminates odor, it alleviates the need to change the litter out completely as often as we were having to do with other brands.

The only drawback is that the price is a little steep, (abt $6./bag)and I have yet to locate a manufacturers coupon, but the fact that we are able to get such excellent results makes it worth it to us!

I hope that someone from the manufacturing company reads this review and considers throwing the consumer a bone by putting out some coupons occasionally. Also, I investigated the Eight in One Products website and there is no indication that they are the manufacturer of this awesome cat litter.

I'd love to know who is!

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