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Fresh Results Natural- I use it, I love it

by Misty

Hi I'm misty,

I've owned many cats and tried several litters from the cheap ones with loads of dust to the really pricey ones who claim not to. I am using this brand right now and I will continue to use .

First thing is the price is right! Comes in a bag which i reuse to hold the used liter when I'm cleaning out my 3 boxes very light easy to scoop not dusty at all.. it does track a little if you do not place some sort of towel or rug for the cat to bounce off of after.

The only complaint I have is it usually last me for two cats in one big box which i scoop clean every single day about 1 to 1 and a half weeks long. I can stretch it 2 weeks tops but by then no matter how scooped and cleaned it has been kept the urine has dampened up the leftover grains and has a heavy urine scent not as bad as the tidy cat or other clay litters do. Those are rancid but slightly less strong.

The scent to contain the bad smells is pleasant, it's natural, i love the dust free part since indoor cats have a field day in the boxes and do the stomping raising up as much dust as

So all in all its a great product and I love it, it's better than the pricey ones made of the finest corn and almond and whatever.

It's even flushable! Good luck and hope this was helpful. If they come up with a longer lasting one then it would be fabulous my rank is almost fabulous =^..^=

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