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Fresh Results Review

by Kathy
(Frederick, MD)

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

The price for the product can't be beat! We started using Nature's Miracle (the other corn cob litter made by same company) a couple years ago and I tell people it was life changing!

It's lightweight, much easier to carry from store and deal with overall. We supplement store brand clumping litter with Nature's Miracle, or Fresh Results, to keep dust down.

Both corn cob litters smell great, very light pine scent. Reminds me of a fresh Christmas tree. It's essentially unscented, I only smell it when popping the bag open.

Fresh Results is half the price here but can only be found at one of our Walmarts. It seems a bit more lightweight than the Nature's Miracle, so it floats around more when the cats exit the boxes. Sort of like sawdust.

That said, for an all natural, lightweight, lightly scented, clumping litter on a budget-you can't beat Fresh Results!

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