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Fresh Results Review

My darling girls

My darling girls

I wanted to wean my 2 cats off of clay litter so I tried a few natural litters. Fortunately, both cats were easy to experiment with.

Fresh Results is their final litter. I have a double wide cat box and the cost is way less than clay litter. It is totally dust free in my opinion- I hated the clay dust which was non-stop.

On tracking, it is better to track natural than clay. The clay particles were so small they were hard to get out of carpet. I keep a hand vac dedicated to tracking near the litter, and a small step on to open can.

Tracking is less for my cats than with the clay as a result. Odor control - perfect! better than the clay in my opinion as long as I scoop two or three times per day it stays fresh for a month. Very light weight, easy to work with, safe for both me and the cats to breathe. I find it at Wal-Mart in my area - it seems like Miracle litter but half the price.

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