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Fresh Step Cat Litter Review

by Fernanda

My cute cat enjoying outdoors in my patio!

My cute cat enjoying outdoors in my patio!

Fresh Step Cat Litter – The Best Single Cat Litter on the Market! I have used Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter for years, and I really love how it works.

It's a clay-based litter that my cat seems to really like. She can't even wait until I'm finished changing the pan; she'll stand beside the box meowing, scratching at the side of the box.

I feel that this cat litter does a good job at controlling odors, which could become overwhelming in my small studio apartment.

I work a lot of hours and I can’t clean the litter box every single day, but Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter never smells up my apartment and the litter itself has a very subtle scent when you pour it out of the box.

I like that it isn’t overwhelming or “fake” smelling like other litters I’ve tried. The Fresh Step Litter itself is a fine-grain litter with small bluish crystals.

My only issue with the litter is that because it’s so fine my cat does sometimes track it around, but adding a small mat under the opening of her pan solved that problem pretty simply.

I would recommend this cat litter to any other single-cat owner because I haven't found a more effective option, though I’ve tried several other types and brands.

I will continue to purchase Fresh Step Litter because I feel it does a great job and, as far as other brands and types, is a great value for how well it works.

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Feb 28, 2009
by: Jeannie

My...what a cute cat you have! Thanks for sharing your critique, it was very helpful!


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