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Do you want to buy Fresh Step cat litter but are unsure which type to go with? Read the reviews below to see which one is best for your kitty.

Fresh Step is made by the Clorox Pet Products Company. This company has been pursuing the fight for the best litter since 1984.

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It is also one of my favorite litters (and my cats' favorite too) because it works pretty well to control odors and clumps perfectly! The multiple strength brand is one of many different choices available including, an odor and dye free variety for your sensitive cat. Also offered are Fresh Expressions with scents such as lavender and Cedar. A crystals form is also available.

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Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step Cat Litter This litter (multiple cat strength) is a clumping, scoopable clay litter.

I've snooped around and found that this product really has some great reviews from many other multiple cat owners.

Personally, I'm very pleased with Fresh Step Multiple Cat because it clumps so very well and makes cleaning the litter box a snap!

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Does this kitty litter control odors?

The big question with many litters is whether they control odors well. Fresh step cat litter contains a patented ingredient to help control those nasty odors.

Fresh Step Cat Litter close up It's also blended with small, blue granules of odor-eliminating carbon, which help neutralize more odors.

In the odor control department, this one really gets a big thumbs up from me. Not only does it clump really well, which I love, but it also controls odors fabulously.

I walk in my house and can't even smell any traces of my cats..which is a great thing if you own a cat. The litter itself also smells very fresh and clean. What I also like is that there is very little dust with this particular brand.

What I don't like

I don't really have anything negative to say..I really love this brand and would recommend it to other users. Of course the only real problem with this cat litter is that it is made of clays which are not very eco-friendly. : - ( All in all, this one gets my vote for one of the best cat litter products out there.

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My husband poured a box of "New Fresh Step Natural" litter into our litter box tonight. I was two rooms over and began to choke. The dust filled our entire …

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Fresh Step Cat Litter Review 
Fresh Step Cat Litter – The Best Single Cat Litter on the Market! I have used Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter for years, and I really love how it works. …

Fresh Step - Dustier than in the Past 
I love Fresh Step, I always have! But lately, it seems to leave a haze of dust all around the house. I know it's the heating season but I've used it …

No Longer a 5★ Litter Not rated yet
I still prefer the Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented over other litters, but I agree with other reviewers that it does seem to be dustier. I am the author …

EUREKA! I Found It Not rated yet
Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable - UNSCENTED I had to quit using my usual litter when I and other family members began to notice an unpleasant odor in …

Too dusty Not rated yet
After using this cat litter for over a year it finally dawned on me today that the dust is probably the reason both kitty and I have sneezing bouts every …

Did Not Like It At All Not rated yet
I, accidentally, got this clay litter, which I normally do not use. I was trying to buy the crystals, but the boxed litter is not that. It is the clay …

Fresh Step multi-cat clumping litter NO SCENT Not rated yet
I have been using Fresh Step multi-cat clumping litter NO SCENT. I use 50 lbs of litter per month. People will come in my house the first time and …

Fresh Step Extreme Not rated yet
Wow is all I can say. This product has meant all my expectations and is one of the best litters I have ever used. Being a cat owner for most of my life. …

Fresh Step Scoopable Review Not rated yet
We have been loyal purchasers of Fresh Step for years. The price is a bit higher than other litters, but we have until recently considered it worth a …

Fresh Step Crystal Concern Not rated yet
Love: great clumping & odor control. No trace of litter smell; reminds me of laundry soap. Concern: develop sinus allergy? This litter when …

Fresh Step-Scoopable Extreme Odor Control Review Not rated yet
I've used scoopable litter for years now. I switch products from time to time trying to find one that keeps odors to a minimum and keeps dust down. So …

Fresh Step Scoop able Litter Not rated yet
I have used this product for years and it USED TO BE great. However, now it is a dusty mess! Better wear a mask when you pour or scoop the stuff. …

Fresh Step Not rated yet
OK listen, we all hate the stink of kitty pee .... and are all desperate to find something our prissy felines like and we don't mind cleaning. Well, …

Fresh Step Natural Review Not rated yet
This litter is a bit dusty. I like that it doesn't have a perfumed smell to it. (I found fresh step multi-cat did) I find litter around the box and …

Fresh Step Perfume and dye free Not rated yet
I love the clumping ability and the odor control. It does track around the box, but not much beyond that. I originally chose this one because my cat is …

Fresh Step Cat Litter Non-Clumping Not rated yet
Fresh Step cat litter is the best litter I can find for multiple cats. I tried to use a cheaper litter supposedly made for multiple cats, but couldn't …

Fresh Step "natural" Not rated yet
This is one of the worst products imaginable. I have dark tiles in my laundry room (where the cat box is located) and within a few hours of first using …

Fresh Step Scoopable Multi Cat Litter Review Not rated yet
We have used Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter with one cat for about two years and after adopting another cat we have been using the Multi Cat Scoopable …

Fresh Step Not rated yet
I have used Fresh step in a pinch, it is clumping, less odor, but my cat tracks it everywhere. It has mild dust when you scoop it and when you pour new …

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Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter......I give this litter 5 Stars! Not rated yet
Fresh Step Scoopable for multiple cats is so worth purchasing! This cat litter is made with odor eliminating carbon. I use this because i have …

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