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Review by: Doreen

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I love Fresh Step Crystals for my three cats: CJ, Billy and Anne. Every day I use it to cover up the horrible smell of these three little things, and it does a wonderful job of keeping the smell contained.

It is also a relatively dust free cat litter.. which I love.

fresh step crystals
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Specifically, I love Fresh Step for my cat Anne. Anne is a very small, white short hair - with blue, two toned eyes.

Any cat lover worth his/her marbles knows what that means.. She's deaf. Not only is the poor thing deaf, but she's mentally koo koo, she's our special kitty.

Aside from the many challenges that she has learned to live with, one problem is that she doesn't cover her poop.

Instead of covering her poop with the litter, like most cats do, she sticks her two front paws outside of the litter box and scrapes them, as if she's covering the litter.

She probably doesn't know she's not doing it, but we forgive it. Anyway, with other litters she really scatters a bunch of it all over the place. Fresh Step doesn't scatter as much as a traditional finely grained one.

Most litters would also stand no chance at covering the smell of uncovered poop, but not Fresh Step. Fresh Step Crystals does an excellent job at controlling odors.

All that you really need to do is mix it around with every litter change so it can be "aerated." In short, even with my deaf, psycho-crazed thing like my Anne, this crystal cat litter works great!

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