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Fresh Step - Dustier than in the Past

by Sue

I love Fresh Step, I always have!

But lately, it seems to leave a haze of dust all around the house. I know it's the heating season but I've used it for 5 cats for over 12 years and this year seems to be much worse than usual. Have they changed the formula to accommodate the new packaging??

The odor control for 5 cats is unmatched by any other litter but this dust thing is really bothering me. Please Fresh Step...don't let me down now!

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Jul 16, 2016
I Agree
by: Joey

I have also noticed that there seems to be more dust than usual and I agree that it is bothersome.

Jul 20, 2014
Can't stop sneezing
by: turnipjunkie

Agreed on the dustiness! Lately, i have to hold my breath when adding the litter to the box and run from the room until the dusty settles. It totally sucks. Even when i'm scooping, the dust is awful. Triggers my asthma and i'm blowing grey/black stuff out of my nose the rest of the day.

Glad i'm not the only one suffering with the changes.

Apr 17, 2014
Whats up with the dust. Its making me sneeze all the time.
by: Susan Caruso

I love Fresh Step and have used it for all my
cats, but lately it has gotten so dusty. I have
a film all over my house, that when I try to dust
with a damp cloth, it turns in to a cement like layer. I know it wasn't like this before. Whats
up. I'm thinking of changing products because of this.

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