My Fresh Step Litter Review
By Todd Miller

"Even the more expensive ones I have tried
can't compare to Fresh Step Litter."

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My favorite cat litter is Fresh Step litter. I have two cats so I buy the thirty pound bag.

I have tried many other brands but always come back to this one for several reasons. The first reason is it contains odor eliminating carbon to it. I like that.

Of course I make sure I scoop out the feces every day and that helps, but the carbon in it takes care of the urine odor.

The second reason is the program that comes with this allows me to save points and I can receive cat related things. I just got done with cashing in points to receive a Fresh Step cat litter coupon to purchase more. That's always a bonus.

The third reason is I find this product to be relatively dust free and because of its small stone like texture, if the cats happen to "dig" some of it out and it lands on the floor, the blue and white crystal texture is easy to sweep up, unlike sandy type of cat litter.

Joey, my Persian cat, and Tigger, a long haired black cat, have no problems finding out where the littler box is kept. I keep the covered litter box right next to the toilet in one of the bathrooms to make for easy scoop out. I've been using this product for as many years as I've owned cats.

I find most stores carry this brand of cat litter and just keep the thirty pound bag in the bathroom closet. Price can vary from store to store, but I find Fresh step to be quite economical and even if I find one cheaper, I refuse to buy any other brand.

Even the more expensive ones I have tried can't compare to Fresh Step . I have even recommended this cat litter to people with cats because I have been so pleased with it.

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