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Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter......I give this litter 5 Stars!

by Mike Medina

Fresh Step Scoopable for multiple cats is so worth purchasing!

This cat litter is made with odor eliminating carbon.

I use this because i have 5 cats. They are all related and I couldn’t bear to part with any of them.

This litter works the best because first of all it does not produce dust. Another reason is that when i scoop it the odor eliminating carbon in it have such a great smell it actually smells like i just put fresh litter in the litter boxes.

This also helps with the cats using it because they like the fact that it smells like clean litter. The other reasons i like fresh step is because it is so easy to scoop. It clumps very easily and i am able to get the box extremely clean so that they all want to use it.

I also scoop at least twice a day but if i don't the odor eliminating carbon sure does control the odors. I have not had any of my cats not like the scent or not use it.

I had been using another kind but had trouble with some of them not using the box. I switched to Fresh Step because i was shopping at PetSmart and found some on sale and had been thinking about trying it, so i bought it and have been very happy every since.

The odor control of this litter is amazing.

It actually smells good every time i scoop so it is not such a pain to scoop anymore. I would absolutely suggest this litter to anyone.

It is the best investment for my cats and my family that i have made in a while.

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