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Fresh Step Scoopable Multi Cat Litter Review

by Kathy E Richardson
(Church Hill, TN, USA)

We have used Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter with one cat for about two years and after adopting another cat we have been using the Multi Cat Scoopable version for about a year and half.

The litter box was one given to us and it is an extra large covered box with a storage section in back for additional litter to ease into the box as needed.

When I clean the box and replace litter it will hold at least 25 -30 lbs. with the extra in the back reserve section.

I have never had an odor problem with this litter. But the dust... boy do we have the dust. Maybe dumping the whole container into the litter box (done outside) through the back reserve section just makes it seem so dusty.

After I have cleaned the box at least once a day, I can smell the scent of the litter on my arms, which I believe is from the dust getting on my arms reaching in to clean it.

I have a very sensitive nose and very few odors get past me! The smell isn't bad or strong and is actually the 'scent' used to keep odors fresh.

I just feel like I should wash my arms afterward, which I do. I could not tolerate anything perfumey.

This 25 lb. box of litter, cleaning box daily, will last close to 2 weeks with 2 cats. Both cats are declawed and do tend to track it throughout the house some.

I do save the Points that come on the box and add them to an account on the Fresh Step website. Using these points, I have been able to "earn" a really nice triangle cat bed totally free with no shipping cost, and donated several points to animal charities which they convert into $$.

I can always pick up this litter at almost any retail or grocery store also which is convenient with price being pretty competitive.

I did try one of the recycled paper litters "once" looking for a dust-free solution and ended up using the rest of the box in my garden. I suppose the clumping has just spoiled me.

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