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Fresh Step Scoopable Review

by Jan Osborne
(Carmel, IN, USA)

We have been loyal purchasers of Fresh Step for years. The price is a bit higher than other litters, but we have until recently considered it worth a little extra cost because the odor control has been better than other litters that we've tried, and our cats (2 - 3 at a time) have never been reluctant to use it.

For the past 3 months or so, however, the litter has been far dustier than it was previously, to the point that it causes coughing and sneezing to anyone who is nearby when the litter is poured into the boxes.

The extreme amounts of dust are now tracking through the house and I am also concerned that more is clinging to the cats' paws and legs and is ultimately being ingested when they clean themselves. That can't be good!

We would like to continue to use Fresh Step because of the odor control, but it is likely that we will try other brands because the excessive dustiness means that the quality control is not as it was in the past.

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