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Fresh Step

by J

OK listen, we all hate the stink of kitty pee .... and are all desperate to find something our prissy felines like and we don't mind cleaning.

Well, on a friend's suggestion, I bought Fresh Step, the new one that removes odor for urine and feces.

OK so that part works, the cats like it, I don't mind cleaning it but ....... (there always is one huh) the dust cloud and smoke it makes when you pour it, is enough to cause even someone without asthma, to have an attack.

I even went so far as to email them directly to explain the problem. I got back a well written letter, an apology, and a coupon for a free box.

Nice of them to do, but I still gag on the dust! Does anyone else have suggestions or can recommend another litter that isn't so damn awful?

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