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FreshAire Scoopable "hybrid" cat litter

by Mitch

FreshAire Scoopable "hybrid" cat litter
14 lbs jug "=20 lbs regular clumping clay litter"

UPC 041516253658

Pros: Light weight, even when clumped. Decent smell.

Cons: Very dusty, dust is so fine it is a slip hazard.

Bought this after Arm and Hammer Unscented changed to Arm and Hammer nasty smell formula.

The smell of this one is pretty nice, a bit like a fresh sawn dry 2x4.

The clumps are hard and a bit lighter than plain clay ones.

The downside is that the pine sawdust that makes this "hybrid" has a very fine dust that, when on a hard wood floor, turns into a lubricant. Good for dancing the Slide, not for walking. Even on rugs, the dust would be bad.

Won't buy again.

5 on my litter scale

0 = kills on contact, causes zombies, & cats hate it
5 = if only thing in store I'd use it
10 = turns droppings into gold, cures cancer & cats like it

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Apr 29, 2012
This litter deserves a better rating
by: Anonymous

I use this litter, and I wouldn't ever use another one if I could avoid it. There are several reasons, but the main one is that it is chemical free. I have a sensitivity to chemicals, and this is the only litter I've ever found that doesn't bother me in the least. On top of that, my cats have dust allergies, and this litter doesn't produce that dust cloud that most other litters do -- so no allergies for the cats either.

I know you say that this litter makes a bit of a mess, but I've honestly found that it makes less of a mess than most of the other litters I've tried. It's just that the mess if a finer grain.

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