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Great homemade cat litter idea

This is amazing... buy a 50 lb bag of chicken scratch at your local feed store. Buy a big bag of play sand at your local Home Depot. Buy a big box of baking soda.

Optional: a bottle of Shower to Shower bath talc. Optional: pine or cedar chips.

Add equal parts chicken scratch to sand. Mix by hand. Add a large quantity of the baking soda (1 cup), and a small amt of talc. Mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle in a handful of the cedar chips. Not much of this.

Use as you would regular scoopable litter. The cats could care less. It's absorbent and there is very little odor. The cost for about 100 lbs of litter is around $20.

Also, this can be thrown into the garden.


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Nov 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I would not add talc powder. Talc is questionable as to it's safety.

I was previously using just chicken feed and baking soda. I'd put the feed in the litter boxes and 1/2 cup baking soda in each litter box and mix.

It worked very well. It clumps very well and the baking soda helps with odor. Not the best odor control, but not bad. I had to stop using it because one of my cats is allergic to corn and refused to use the litter box.

Jan 20, 2010
Does it clump at all?
by: Anonymous

I'd love to see pictures of this. I'm picturing a gooey mess with talc dust everywhere ... I got the brilliant idea one day of putting food grade diatomacious earth in my boxes. The dust was so obnoxious that I ended up changing out all my boxes to get rid of it.

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