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Green PC Twice as Absorbent Renewable Corncob Litter

by Barbz

Buddy loves to be photographed

Buddy loves to be photographed

After reading how unhealthy it was for myself and my cat,to use the regular clumping cat litter, I picked up some Green litter from PC/Zehrs.

I have one cat and 2 litter boxes. I changed both of the boxes and sprinkled litter fresh on it to make it smell like the old.(Not really because the old smelled like urine all the time.)

Buddy stepped into it and has been content with it since I started.

He is 16 going on 17 and the old litter was difficult to push, as it was for my arthritic hands. Now he can dig to China and cover the leavings but, even if he doesn't there is no smell.

I am a dog groomer and the dogs will sniff the box and walk away. Before they used to stick their nose in it because it smelled like something they wanted.

I will not go back to the old litter and I have told many people about this new litter.

One of my friends wears a mask to clean the box, due to the dust rising. When I showed her the no-dust one I am using she said she will look for it when she gets back to Kelowna,B.C.

Thanks for listening.


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