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Hidden cat litter box accessories and covers provide a nice sense of privacy for your cat, one of the issues you need to consider before purchasing is whether she will like being closed in.

If your cat is used to having an enclosed litter box, then the hidden litter box may be something you're interested in and may not have any problems with.

hidden cat litter box
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It's a great accessory, because..

"It not only gives her privacy but can also blend in nicely with your decor!" After all..

That plain plastic litter pan is something of an eyesore and no one wants to see their cat "do her business in plain sight."

So these types of boxes can work out pretty well! Just remember, your cat is the one that really decides... If she doesn't like it she will let you know, check out my cat litter training page for help with litter box problems to find the culprit!

Problems with litter box covers

hidden cat litter box
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There are quite a few issues you have to deal with when you put your cat's litter pan in an enclosed area, such as a hidden litter box.

Please be sure to check out the litter box cover main page for other issues such as increased odor and size that may affect your cat.

If she's upset with something, she may stop using her litter box.

Hidden cat litter boxes cause kitty claustrophobia?

Well not really, however, one issue you should look out for is that your cat only has one entrance and one exit point. So what's the big deal about that?

This may be a problem if your cat is not on the best of terms with her other pet companions in the house. If you have multiple cats or even a dog that may bully your cat, watch out. What if she uses the potty in the hidden litter box and tries to leave and her only exit is blocked by that bully?

One of the advantages of an opened litter box (without cover or cubby) is that she has various places to exit from. So if she's afraid of another cat, dog or maybe a child, she has an easy escape from any side. While I must admit, that it may seem rather silly to point these things out, some cats may not like the "closed in feel" of these types of boxes.

In very extreme cases this could lead to your kitty rejecting her litter box!

Since litter box problems are one of the number one reasons that cats get sent to the animal shelter, anything (no matter how small) that could cause litter box rejection should be known.

It's perfectly fine to buy a hidden cat litter box or a cover, just be sure to monitor how your cat reacts to it.

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