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Buying a hidden litter box might really be useful if you want to cover up the fact that you have lots of cats.

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As the mommy of 2 indoor cats and the foster mom of 2 outdoor kittens (who've decided to make my patio their new home ; - )...

Cool Hidden Litter Box
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Update: I'm officially a foster mom failure as I've adopted the 2 kittens (now fully grown) as my own!

I really need to think about being more creative in "hiding" their unattractive litter boxes.

You'll easily find hidden litter boxes and litter box furniture everywhere and you've got to admit that they can really come in handy.

Hiding the litter box is one thing and controlling odor is another and odor control starts with a good, quality litter.

Check out some reviews on the clay kitty litter page and please do ad your very own cat litter review here if you'd like!

I'd really love to know what you think about them or others that I've yet to add.

Cool Hidden Litter Box
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Is litter around your litter box a problem? Find a good litter mat to keep litter scatter under proper control to help keep your home cleaner!

Where Can I Buy a Hidden Litter Box?

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Why hide the litter box?

  • Your guests won't have to see it
  • You don't have to see it
  • Decorative
  • Privacy for kitty

I've recently discovered one of the best uses for hidden litter boxes like this one. At first, you'd look at it and say.. "Okay it's a potted plant." This is a super smart and extremely useful piece when you don't want your litter box to be in plain view for everyone to see.

Or...You may also want to read over my plain cat litter box page for tips on picking out that "perfect box" for your cat! Would you like small, medium or large?

A little privacy if you don't mind?

Cool Hidden Litter Box
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I'll give you a great example that just happened to me recently. Those 2 little kittens who have been hanging around were leaving presents in my potted plants which I didn't like very much. So I laid out 2 uncovered litter boxes for them and it worked like a charm. Thankfully, they stopped using my plants as a rest area.

No problems after that.. except for the sight of the boxes in my little garden/patio area. So one day, my sister and brother in law popped in for a visit and so we decide to sit out in the patio because it was such a fresh day outside.

So there we were, sitting outside as relaxed as can be and one of the little cats comes and does her business in front of us all! So much for privacy, huh? Was I embarrassed? Yes!

A hidden litter box could have helped to hide the litter pans and keep them out of sight. That way my little foster cats can do their business in private. So do I want one? You bet!

And you might too if you've had the same embarrassing problem.

Check out my hidden cat litter box and covers page for the possible cons to purchasing an enclosed box like this. This is especially helpful to know if you have multiple cats and dogs.

Functional and Decorative

I love to sit outside in the patio and read books and such. Unfortunately it's a small area and I certainly don't want to sit next to the poo boxes.

So instead, I'm seriously considering buying the hidden litter box disguised as a Tuscany potted plant or maybe a nightstand for inside.

It will blend in perfectly with my outdoor decor and plants. I also love the idea of having one because it's covered and better protected for whenever it rains.

There is nothing worse than a sopping wet litter box!

Your cats certainly won't use it and it's a chore to clean up. This is true especially if you use clay litter because clays absorb water very well and when over saturated form into a mushy clay paste.

And of course, the biggest sign that you own a cat is seeing the messy litter pan sitting out there in the open. So.. I've come to the conclusion that a hidden litter box is great if you want to keep that little fact all to yourself.

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