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Do you want to make homemade cat toys? One of the many joys of having a cat is watching them play with their toys! But sometimes when you buy a toy.. for some reason or another they might not like it.

It seems to me that sometimes they might prefer cheap cat toys to something you paid for. Save yourself some money and try making a homemade toy for kitty.

Do you like to make your own cat toys?

Share your ideas here!

I hope you like some of the ideas that you'll find here..and if you like to make your own cat toys and have an idea that your kitty loves please do share it with others as well as how you made it.

Homemade Cat Toys Project 1 (Cat Fishing pole)

Homemade cat toy made from litter pail plastic

Since this site is about cat litter, I decided to use some of the handy things that are left over.. ( like a piece of plastic from the litter pail.) You can just as easily use a wooden stick from outside or just buy a cheap one at a craft store.

This is really simple and my cats simply love it.

Items needed to make the toy:

Homemade cat toy made from litter pail plastic
  • Wooden or plastic stick about 14" long (give or take)

  • Piece of Yarn (roughly 30" long)

  • Heavy Duty Masking tape

For the stick I used the plastic part that comes off the big cat litter pail (The one that keeps you from opening the top when you are still in the store).

Homemade cat toy- Cat Fishing Pole

For my fishing pole I folded the piece of plastic in half because it was too long. I just wrapped it with some clear masking tape. Next, all you need to do is tie a piece of string to the end of your "fishing pole."

The good thing about using the plastic from the cat litter pail is that it had a little loop in it, so all I did was tie the string to the end and voila.

If you are using a wooden stick or pole, use the heavy duty masking tape to secure the string to the end of it.

You now have your homemade cat toy.

Watch your cat go crazy over this new fun game.

All that is required is for you to wave the pole around and your cat will start swatting the string. Optional: You could also tie a little something to the end, but in my case, my cats like it better without it.

Warning: As with other toys like this, make sure you supervise your cat while playing. Always put the toy up when you are not home.

Homemade Cat Toys Top!

Have YOU Made a Cool Cat Toy for Your Cat?

Please share your fun idea and how to make it below.

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