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I liked it but it has changed.

It was my favorite litter until I started noticing that it did not clump very well as it had been in the past. I thought it was just due to something not related to LitterClean such as maybe the temperature, humidity or something I have feeding my cats...
So I kept using it. The next bucket I got did the same thing (not clumping). I am slow to judge and thought maybe it was not the product. They did not have a "new and improved" or "new formula" note so I thought maybe it was just something else.
The next couple of buckets.... the same thing!
I called the number on the bucket. Some 3rd party answers the call and said they do make the litter for that company. They did say that LitterClean had requested a formula change. They wouldn't tell me what the change was and why LitterClean made the change. I am assuming it is so they can make a better profit or keep from raising the price or something...
I switched litter brands now.
I miss the old LitterClean.

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