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Keep coming back to Cats Pride

We have had a kitty for a little over 6 months now. Our first indoor cat. I first bought Cats Pride because I wanted clumping litter so we can remove the urine. And chose Cats Pride because of cost.

We used it the first few months then for some reason I wanted to try other things. Mostly because the Cats Pride is very fine grained so it tracks more.

We tried three other brands of clumping, and one time pine litter. Hated the pine litter and the cat looked at it like "What the heck?.

The other clumping litters were more expensive and did not last as long before needing to replace because of odor, the others also did not clump as tight for the urine removal and would break apart during scooping into small unscoopable clumps leaving urine smell behind.

Also after she had a stool movement the others did not conceal the fresh poo poo odor well. I think it's because the bigger grains do not cover and conceal the poo as well.

Cats Pride is more like sand so it covers more and lets less of the air or stink out since it covers more denser with the finer grain.

So we came full circle to Cats Pride again and will not look back. We can go 3-4 weeks with our one cat before replacing. And it still really does not smell.

We replace it knowing her nose is more sensitive than ours and although we don't smell anything she may. We remove all waste everyday, and add more litter as needed. Then every three to 4 weeks we clean the pan well and scrub then add 2 inches of new fresh Cats Pride clumping.

It advertises you can flush this stuff, but we have a septic tank so I do not take the chance at it. We save our plastic grocery bags and use one daily to remove waste, put it in the grocery bag and it goes outside in the trashcan.

Our house or even the cats room never smells like a cat house. And visitors don't realize we have a cat till she comes out of hiding.

The 14pd bag does not look like very much, but Cats Pride clumping goes a long way and is a whole lot of bang for your buck. To spend anymore on litter is just throwing money away.

I hope the stuff stays low priced! And remember to try and let your litter go longer before throwing it all out, its a waste and harder on the environment.

Just scoop everyday and you should get 3-4 weeks out of your litter!

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