Cat And Kitten Litter Training 101

So where do you keep your cat litter box?

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Welcome to Kitten Litter Training 101! Please be sure to start at the beginning, see cat litter training to troubleshoot or go through the steps of what you should know to train or prevent accidents.

Location, location, location! A very important part of cat and kitten litter training depends on proper placement of your cat's litter box. So before you begin, you need to know where the litter box goes!

Now, if you're having problems and need help with actual training, please check out my cat litter box training page for 5 easy steps to get your cat or kitten trained in a snap! might be wondering, where is the perfect place to keep Fluffy's rest area? While the answer "out of the way where nobody will see or smell it," may be obvious, this is not really the best plan of action as you'll see below...

Cat and Kitten Litter Training -Litter box location is important!

Here are some basic guidelines as to where to put the litter box...

  • Choose a quiet spot where your cat can feel safe
  • It must be easily accessible at all times
  • Away from household bullies.. such as dogs or maybe small children
  • Lower traffic area.. but not too low!

Quiet spot-
You definitely want to choose a quiet spot for your cat's litter box and it should be somewhere that she can feel safe. Try not to keep it next to something that can make sudden, loud noises.. like the washer and dryer (for instance).

Learn more about why choosing the wrong location can cause a litterbox problem, darn that washing machine!

Easily accessible-
Your cat should be able to access her litter box easily. If you have a two story home, for instance, you'll need to provide two litter boxes for her (one on each floor). She may not like the idea of climbing up or down a flight of stairs to reach the facilities, so be sure to make it as easy as possible for her, otherwise she might have an accident.
Also remember, that if you've adopted a new cat or kitten; at first she might be quite frightened when you bring her home. And of course she is! All sounds and smells are very new to her, so it's best to slowly introduce her to the household by keeping her in a quiet room with her litter box in a corner.

Away from household bullies-
If you have a dog in your home that likes to chase or follow your cat around, then be sure to put her box somewhere that she won't be pestered and where Fido can't get to it. Some dogs have also been known to eat "cat litter treats" which is not good for Fido or anyone else for that matter! All the better reason to make sure your dog doesn't have access to Fluffy's litter bin.

You may be able to easily solve this problem by purchasing a litter box cover which has an opening only your furry friend can enter.

Just be sure to read up on some problems that may occur when first using one for kitten litter training a new kitty or cat.

Lower traffic area-
You also want to choose an area that doesn't receive so much foot traffic.. but not where you'll completely forget it's there. A spare bedroom, bathroom or a home office may be a good choice. Remember, your cat's litter box should be cleaned a minimum of twice daily and if you place it somewhere you never frequent then how will you be reminded to clean it?

Location really does matter which is why it's a big part of kitten litter training 101 for your new furry friend and hopefully you'll be off to a great start when keeping these guidelines in mind!

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