Disadvantages of Non Clumping Kitten Litter

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Non clumping natural kitten litter is recommended for young kittens that are learning to use the litter pan. But if your cat is an adult and you're having issues with litter box odors then your litter might be to blame.

Let's go over some of the downsides of non clumping litter when it comes to maintaining a fresh, clean litter box and also saving some money.

You may also want to find out which is the best cat litter for you.. clumping or non-clumping?

Please note that I'm not claiming to be an expert, these are merely my observations from using both clumping and non clumping litter from different sources.

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Cat Litter Critic
  • 1. Lingering odors - One of the main issues that I've faced with non clumping kitten litter is that any urine will tend to sink to the bottom of the litter box since it does not clump or capture fluids as well as a clumping variety. If the saturated litter is not completely dumped out, and the side of the box cleaned, it will create that dreaded "urine smell" in your home.

  • 2. Non-clumping kitten litter is harder to clean up- You might spend more time cleaning out your litter box if you use a non clumping cat litter. Here's why.. To remove all soaked clay and to keep odors down, you will have to scoop up every single little grain of litter. This is no easy task since your cat may cover up her litter and when you try to scoop it out; you will be spreading and mixing more of it around with clean litter. The great thing about clumping litter is that it absorbs more liquid and conveniently forms itself into a tight, little ball to be easily scooped up.

  • 3. You may tend to use up more of the non clumping litter than you would the clumping type. Why?
    Since it does not clump, you end up throwing not only urine soaked litter but also clean litter whenever you clean up. So even though plain, non-clumping litter might be less expensive, you may end up paying more because you'll go through bags faster.

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