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The Booda Swift Scoop

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Kitty litter boxes like the Booda Swift Scoop help make cleaning a little bit easier.. and sometimes you need all the help you can get!

The Swift Scoop is a unique and sleek curved litter pan (with no corners!!) that lets you easily scoop up dirty litter. The huge downside of many square litter boxes is that some cats will urinate on the sides/corners.

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Unique Kitty Litter Box by Booda
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If you have a "corner urinator" like me.. (I won't mention any names but starts with a J-O-S-I-E), then you'll realize how a box like this can really help. It is highly recommended to get rid of stuck on litter in the corners permanently.

Kitty Litter Box Tips!

Remove stuck litter easily from corners

Cleaning up litter box corners is a challenge because it calls for a lot of scraping and digging into the corner to remove all soiled litter.

In order to remove odors (and keep your home smelling fresh), all of the soiled litter must be removed (Especially if it's urine). Check out a handy litter box cleaning technique to help banish odors for good!

This box has no corners, so all it takes is a simple scoop or two and you're done! The curved design makes it almost impossible for litter to get stuck to the sides.

It is also easier on your wrists since there's no odd turning and bending needed. If you have multiple cats, then you know you have to clean the box frequently which can sometimes wreak havoc on delicate wrists when you clean.

The white color also lets you see when the box needs to be cleaned and helps monitor your cat's litter box habits. The Swift Scoop also comes with an easily accessible entrance/exit point for your cat to move in and out without needing to jump.

The only downside I see to this entrance
is that it's rather low which might make it more likely that your cat will spill some of her litter outside when she digs.

But not to worry, there are many different cat litter mats to the rescue and to make cleaning the litter pan a breeze, read the litter mat reviews.

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