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You've heard the news.. it's time to think green! And natural kitty litter is better for the earth and your cat too.
Here's another good reason to switch. Read Jackie's story on how she lost her cat from silica cat litter.. Silica Cat Litter Killed My Cat

Thankfully, we've started to become more and more environmentally conscious about how we treat our lovely planet.. .. what with global warming and all, we really have to!
biodegradable kitty litter
Feline Pine
biodegradable cat litter
Swheat Scoop
biodegradable kitty litter
Nature's Miracle

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If you're reading this then you really care about the environment and want to help make a difference! You and I can certainly start by making sure that our pet's waste isn't polluting mother earth.

Now I'll admit, that I still use clays (see the link below).. but after I finish with all my cat litter reviews, I'm on a journey to find the best natural replacement and I'm very excited for this!

Update: As of 4/21/11, I've officially made the switch to natural litter! My new favorite is Fresh Results.

It is also known by the name of Nature's Miracle.

It's just different packaging! Hint: It's much cheaper if you buy it at Wal-Mart under the name of "Fresh Results" but they sometimes don't carry it.

The ever popular clay kitty litters are NOT biodegradable and can end up sitting in landfills forever because they do not break down. I don't know about you.. but I really had no idea until I started the research. What? Doesn't clay come from the earth?
Yes.. it does. But too much of it is accumulating at dump sites and does NOT break down or do any kind of good.. for that matter (More on this later). Toss that litter in those plastic bags you "re-use" from the grocery store that take thousands of years to biodegrade and we've got a real problem on our hands.

I know.. because I did it too.. but now I'm experimenting with a new biodegradable product. Read my review of the Biobags.

So what's a cat lover to do? I know.. I know! .. Turn your little feline friend into a tree-hugging, eco-friendly cat. Let's go green! Eco-Friendly Kitty Litter
So with the planet in mind, and many eco-friendly consumers like you and I wanting to do the right thing, litter makers have developed alternative cat litter choices!

Do you need to buy a litter mat? View the selection of mats for your cat's litter box for sale.

Natural Kitty Litter Choices For Your Cat

There are many natural and eco-friendly alternatives to clay based litters, such as those made out of foods like wheat and corn. There are also litters made from natural ingredients like old newspaper as well as shredded pine.
(I'll be doing reviews on each one.. so stay tuned.)

So which one is the best cat litter for your feline friend and which ones are biodegradable? All the ingredients above are far more eco-friendlier than clay based litters so going natural is a positive direction.

Recycle Because.. they won't hang around the landfills for ages. They are organic and in turn will break down naturally and become part of the earth once again and provide nutrients to the soil.

One of the only downsides of some of these "biodegradable types" is that some don't clump.. read more about the disadvantages of non clumping kitten litter.

All Natural Biodegradable Cat Litter Reviews

If you don't see your litter below then do a search for it.

Also, if you know of a product that you have experience with (good or bad) then please do submit your own review below to help others out.

Create your own cat litter review!

Nature's Miracle Cat Litter- User Review of Nature's Miracle.. more expensive than regular clays, but provides excellent odor control.

Feline Pine- Odor control, economical and pellet shaped pine cat litter.. learn more about it.

World's Best Cat Litter- Known to be a bit more expensive that regular litters but also reported to last longer..this corn based litter receives many stars for clumping and fair odor control.

Fresh Results Natural Cat Litter- Fresh Results is an all natural kitty litter made from ground up corn cob, clumpable and has a fresh pine scent.

Beth Anne's All Natural Cat Litter-Read this in depth review by Barbara Meyers (Animal Behaviorist) on this natural kitty litter.

Yesterday's News Biodegradable Cat Litter- Made from recycled newspaper, this litter may be an option for you in a quest for a greener home!

Homemade Cat Litter- Make your own out of shredded newspaper.

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