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When it comes to choosing a great kitty litter there are many brands out there and some pretty pricey ones too.. but have no fear, here's where you can find cat litter reviews on the different clay & sandy brands!

There are a so many different types of litter used today including silica kitty litter, litter made from natural materials, flushable and the ever popular clay or sand cat litters which have always been a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons.. one of them being a low price.

Of course they are all also divided between clumping and non clumping types..find out which is the best cat litter for you by learning some of the pros and cons of each.

You might also want to read about some of the Disadvantages of Clumping Litter.. it may be causing litter box odors.

kitty litterTidy Cat Litter

  • But what exactly is in clay cat litter?

  • Is it safe for your feline friends and safe for you?

  • Is it safe for the environment and biodegradable?

  • Which is the very best cat litter out of all the clays?

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Tidy Cats Scoop- Provides a unique Tidy Lock technology and Immediate odor control, learn more about it.

Fresh Step- Made with odor eliminating carbon granules that really work to eliminate odors.

Arm and Hammer Cat Litter- Multi-Cat- Made with odor destroying baking soda crystals and a tightly locking clumping action..

Scoop Away Cat Litter- Promises powerful clumping abilities and a patented antimicrobial technology to cut back on odors!

Special Kitty Litter- User reviews of Special kitty...for those that are more budget conscious but still want a quality clumping litter.

Cat's Pride- User review of Cat's Pride..."I hate dust flying when I change the litter...there is no dust!"

Note: this litter is also flushable and does not contain sodium bentonite, however, please read the warnings of flushable cat litter.

Bulk Cat Litter from Sam's Club User reviews of Litter Clean by Sam's Club...It's economical and has great clumping abilities and also has a nice herbal odor control.

Pestell User reviews of this clumping brand.

The Humble Beginning of Litter

Clay cat litter became quite popular when it was first marketed in the 1840's by Edward Lowe. He gave an absorbent that was called Fuller's Earth to a neighbor to replace what she had been using previously which reportedly was either sand or ashes.

Neither of those was very clean (especially ashes - yikes!) or helped to control odors as well either. After his neighbor's thrilled response to this new product, he decided to market it to cat lovers everywhere as a great solution to all the messiness. He named the new product "kitty litter and it eventually took off to the multi-million dollar industry that it is today!


Silica Cat Litter Killed My Cat
Read about one reader's sad experience with silica litter.

So what is in clay cat litter?

Most of the scoopable litters nowadays are made with a clay based ingredient called sodium bentonite. It has the fascinating ability to absorb several times its weight in moisture and while doing so, forms that trademark clumping cat litter action that makes it easy for you to scoop up any odor causing excrements. Luckily enough, you don't have to throw out the whole box of litter because of the isolating, clumping action. However, it is best to change the whole litter out monthly for a fresher, cleaner bathroom environment for your kitty cat. This means a cleaner and fresher smelling home for you as well!

The results? Compared to non clumping litters, those that do clump can result in significant savings for you, since that big pail of litter will last a lot longer.

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