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Matching the Size to Your Cat's Needs

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If your cat has ever accidentally pooped right outside of the litter pan, then an extra large cat litter box may just solve your problem.

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Tips to Buying Large Litter Boxes

  • Match the size of your cat to her box - Don't buy a large box for a tiny kitten.

  • Make sure the walls are not too high- If your cat is elderly or has medical issues beware.

  • If you make a homemade box cut a hole in the side to make it easier to enter and exit.

Large Cat Litter Box

Picture this: It's late.. you're about to head off to bed to dream wonderful dreams, and as you turn off the tube and walk towards your bedroom, you suddenly start to smell something.. something of a very stinky nature.

It's poop and you can hear your furry little friend digging away like crazy in that litter box.

As you go to check out the situation, you see it, the poop that is partially hanging off the litter pan.

What in the world is going on!?
How in the heck did she miss?

I'll tell you how, your cat's litter box might be too small for her. Maybe she was a kitten when you first had the box and now she's bigger. Maybe, your little friend has gotten a little chubbier so it's harder for her to maneuver around the box to find the best spot. Whatever the reason is.. either way, if you think she's outgrown it, she may need a large litter box.

The excrement that "almost made it" into the box is definitely not your kitty's fault.
She is simply missing her target, because she doesn't have enough room.

Before You Buy Jumbo Litter Boxes

Before you go out to purchase large cat litter boxes for your little friend.. Take into consideration the age of your cat when buying or making a homemade litter box.

Large Cat Litter Box
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The thought you put into this decision could certainly save you some frustration later on.

If you have an older cat with arthritis or other medical issues, you need to make the litter box as easy to access as possible, otherwise she'll just find another place to go.

I'll use my sister as an example here, her cat "Zoe" is a big time digger. And in the process, gets litter all over the place, which creates a lot of mess for her to clean up.

Before the mess started to happen, Zoe had an average sized litter box but my sister decided to buy something larger with higher walls, so that Zoe, wouldn't get litter all over the floor.

She actually didn't buy a standard cat litter box (that you'd buy at the pet store), but a large storage container.

One thing you should know about Zoe, is that she is an elderly cat and this bigger box with higher walls didn't fare well.

Large Cat Litter Box

I can imagine that it must have been like climbing Mount Everest to her. It was too hard to get in and out of and so, Zoe decided to look for nicer places around the house to do her business. This also applies to smaller cats and kittens. Don't make it hard for them.

Remember to consider your cat's individual needs when purchasing a litter pan. A large cat litter box may be just what you need to fix those "hit or miss" problems.

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