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Do you want to buy a litter box cover? Click here to find the covers for sale or read on for more information about them and how they can improve odor control and maintenance. It really is a helpful and practical way to not only keep your cat's litter box out of sight but also helps minimize odors.
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There are so many choices and styles to choose from as well. Due to all the different options available, you're sure to find something that fits your home decor and your cat's tastes perfectly.

Sounds pretty good, eh?
Well, before you jump on the covered litter pan bandwagon, be sure you're aware of how your cat may react to having a cover over her box.

Especially if she's not used to having one.

Questions to ask yourself before buying

  • Will your cat like being closed in by the hidden litter box?
  • Remember that some cats who are used to "open air" boxes may not like the tight space their litter box will become when you cover it up. Check out the cat litter box reviews here.

  • How do litter box covers work with odors?
  • If it helps to minimize odors, how will kitty adjust to it? Chances are that if the odors are not escaping.. that means her litter box will be smellier! Do you think she'll like that? Will you remember to clean it regularly on a daily basis?

  • Will it be large enough for her?
  • If your cat is bigger than average she may just start bumping her head on the top of the covered area. Does she have enough room to move around comfortably? She may not like it and may even search for another "more pleasant" spot to do her business!

  • Will you forget to clean it?
  • Will having a litter box cover keep you from cleaning daily? Think about it.. you always change the litter box when something stinky is in the air. So if you can't smell it anymore, will you start slacking off on your litter changing duties?
    A dirty litter pan that is not kept clean can cause litter box problems. Learn more about this issue and how to clean the box by routine maintenance. Litter must be cleaned daily, no exceptions.

Be sure to buy a cat litter mat to help you keep litter scatter under control and prevent your cat from tracking it around.

If your furry friend is already accustomed to covered cat litter boxes then no may just want something a little nicer that blends in with your home furnishings.

So, if you're looking for something that's more elegant than a plastic cover, that's exactly what a hidden cat litter box is all about! (Stay tuned for more..)

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