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Litter box covers can really help your home smell a little bit fresher. However, if your kitty is not used to having a covered box, one of the issues you need to consider before purchasing, is whether she'll put up with the increased odors it may cause in her box.

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As you may know, cats are creatures of habit.. and some can be quite set in their ways when it comes to their bathroom facilities. If your cat doesn't like something, she will tell you by rejecting her litter box!

This is the worst-case scenario and your cat will probably like her new cover, but you should definitely be aware of the possibility.

Now, with that being said.. A litter box cover can be a great little accessory mainly because:

It decreases odors in your home by keeping them contained to the litter box area!

Now with the odor control alone.. you might be thinking, "Hey..Sounds great, Sign me up for that!"
Keeping odors under control is very important.. after all, you don't want your house to smell like cat urine.

But what are the consequences of covered litter boxes, if any?

Will kitty mind the covered litter box?

One of the things you need to remember is that your furry friend may not like the cover very much, especially if she is not used to it.

If you're lucky.. she may not even care whether it's covered or not. However, if you have a cat that is extra picky, you should be aware of what goes on when you cover.
If she's used to her "open air" litter box and has used it happily without problems then yes..she's quite happy with the set up.

  • She has a lot more head space without the cover

  • She can enter and exit from both sides (depending on where you place it).

Increased odors in a hidden cat litter box

If you're wondering why covered litter boxes may smell worse.. the answer is pretty simple.

Once you put the cover on or place her litter box in an enclosed area, most of the odor will be contained after she uses it. If she needs to go again during the day (most likely) she may not like the stronger odor in her litter pan.

Due to the litter box cover, there is less air circulation which leads to lingering odors. Her sense of smell is much stronger than yours and mine and she might not tolerate the stench.

So what's the solution?

To ensure she keeps using her litter box happily, be very sure to clean it daily and do a thorough washing once a month.

Check out the cat litter box problems page for tips on how to clean the litter box and why you should never use ammonia products to clean her box.

It's really great that you'd like to try out something new for your kitty. Just realize that she's the one who really decides whether the covered box or enclosure will work for her or not.

After you've purchased one be sure to observe her litter box habits to make sure she's using it properly and of course... keep it as clean as possible.

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