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The Omega Paw Cleaning litter box mat is a lower to mid priced mat that is meant to be used with a covered litter box. Due to its small size it is highly recommended for covered boxes or boxes where your cat will enter and exit from just one area.

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Litter Box Mat
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  • Measurements: 13" x 16" x 2/7" or 33cm x 40.6cm x 0.7cm ( L X W X H)

  • Material: Flexible plastic like material (not specified)

  • If you choose to use it with a regular non-covered box it will not work very well because it is only meant to cover one entrance/exit point.

The mat is available in silver/gray color to help blend in with your cat's litter box accessories easily. It is uniquely designed to take the shape of a cat's paw and has a whimsical design of a cat and paw covering the mat.

One of benefits of a mat like this is that it has unique ridges embedded into the design which help trap any litter from your cat's paws when she exits the box.
This feature, however, is something to be cautious of because your cat may not like the feeling of stepping on the ridges. Some cats who have exhibited this problem will simply jump over the mat so they won't have to actually come into contact with it.

However, with a litter box mat like this, it is definitely worth a try to see if your cat will take to it. It certainly helps to cut down on the "beach effect" in your home. No one likes to step on stray litter. The flexible design also allows you to easily clean any stray litter that has been captured by simply emptying it back into your cat's litter box.

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