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Litter Box Problem

I have a cat who had a stroke about a week ago and i cant seem to get him to use the litter box.

He has always been a barn cat so he has never used one. He has trouble with his hind end and may have lost some vision.

He was re evaluated at the vet and they said everything is better than it was before. I just cant seem to get him to use the box. I have tried almost everything I think by using cat attractant soil and litters.

Can anyone help my poor boy, how can i help him?

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Aug 01, 2011
This is what I did
by: Kitty Granny

I just HAD to save 4 kittens from the dog catcher,cat catcher. After I got them into the house, they didn't know what a litter box was and it was apparent to me that three of them didn't WANT to know. One sweet little boy kitty just climbed in there and pooped and peeped just like he had always had a litter box!

I already had two grown grandkitties living with me and maybe he just paid attention and learned from them, whereas, the other three paid attention to playing and rough-housing, mostly.

Finally, as I was cleaning up the um-teenth mess, I decided to just put the poop I was cleaning up into the litter box and see what happened. Well lo and behold! They all started using it (them)! I had five covered litter boxes...a litter box just about everywhere they could go. I couldn't believe it! It was a little stinky, but it worked. Maybe that will help your kitty. I hope your kitty gets to feeling better soon.

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