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Choosing cat litter

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"So what type of cat litter should I use?"..... Before you begin litter box training a kitten or'll need to decide what type of litter to use.

Some basic guidelines for cats:
  • Pick something they can walk over comfortably

  • No strong fragrances

Knowing this, you'll also need decide what is more important to you as far as dust, odor control and clumping abilities may go. You may also want to check out my 5 easy steps to litter training. Remember that most cats are naturally litter trained.. but with these easy guidelines, you'll be able to get her there in no time.

Regular litter or Scoopable?

I very rarely see the regular litter anymore.. because scoopable is just so popular and easier to maintain, but, you'll still want to consider this.

Scoopable litter (clumping) is wonderful because it absorbs the moisture from urine and clumps into a tight ball. The great thing about this is that all you need to do is scoop up the urine ball and it leaves the rest of the litter box clean, dry and smelling fresh.

With regular litter (that doesn't clump) it's a little harder to maintain because it will crumble into loose pieces when you try to sift it out. This results in tiny pieces of dirty litter all over the litter box. You'll need to change the litter much more often.

Biodegradable, Flushable or Clay?

Consider what's important to you. Are you looking for a litter that's eco-friendly? If so then you may want a biodegradable litter. Clay litters are not biodegradable.

Please note: It is not recommended to use clay based litters for young kittens due to their curious nature. They may try to eat the litter. Instead, ask your veterinarian what she would recommend.

As for flushable litters ,they may seem like an easy solution, however, flushing cat litter has been reported to have damaging effects to marine life.

Scented or Unscented?

It's funny that there really are many different brands of litter out there and many have strong fragrances added from lavender, pine, cedar and other flowery scents. While it may smell nice for you and I, remember that your cat has a much sharper sense of smell.

When choosing a cat litter to begin litter box training, try to buy unscented litter. Scented litters, may be too overpowering for her and this could cause potential litter box problems if she doesn't like it.

Check out my litter box training page for more information. Your best bet is to go with an unscented litter, especially if you've been having litter box issues. As for me, my cats are not very picky, but I also try to steer clear of heavily scented litters!

If you scoop and spot check frequently your litter box should smell fresh and clean, no harsh fragrances needed. Check out some cat litter box cleaning tips and a cool how to video.

Choose something familiar

If you've adopted a new kitten or cat, try to stick with what they are used to. Ask their previous owner what they use and if needed you can always try to change it gradually.. later on when your cat is all settled in.

Follow these guidelines when picking out a cat litter and litter box training your little friend should be much easier!

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