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Litter Clean-Don't understand the reviews?

I had to write a review after reading so many poor reviews of this cat litter!

I have 5 cats in my household & have not found any better cat litter for the price. I agree about it being dusty, but since it's more environmentally safe & all natural, I don't worry about the carcinogenic effects like I would a clumping litter containing the silicone benzonite.

It controls odor very well & most importantly, IT DOES CLUMP TIGHTLY! I have no idea where people are seeing that it does not?

My 5 cats share 2 very large specially made top hole litter boxes, so obviously they see far more traffic than having 4-5 individual litter boxes. I scoop them out daily & change out both boxes every other month completely.

I do keep the litter levels fairly deep 5-6 inches, but it lasts me a long time. I used to use Everclean cat litter which is an excellent litter also, but it costs a fortune. 19$ for 25lbs! That was just getting way too expensive with this number of cats.

I tried many other litters on my way to Litter Clean, but nothing so far has topped it.

I do use World's Best Cat Litter for my ferret & love that too, but my cats hated the texture, and I was worried about them eating it:) 2 thumbs up for LITTER CLEAN!

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