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If you'd like to put an end to sweeping and vacuuming fallen litter daily, then you need to buy some litter mats! Here you can find carpets to catch cat litter and keep it where it belongs, in the box.

You know the drill... your cat leaves the litter box and the stuff goes flying out in all directions!

Or, it gets tracked through the floor and carpet where it can end up in the most unlikely places.

Places you don't want it to go.

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Fortunately, with the help of a mat, the tracking of kitty-litter all over your home can be minimized.

My four furry friends are very clean and very good about using their little facilities, but of course, they still track litter all around the carpet.

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I end up having to vacuum and sweep almost daily around their litter boxes. The great thing about a mat is that (depending on the kind you buy) you can just shake it off and put it right back. There are even a few that are machine washable too.

Whichever one you decide to purchase, it will really come in handy when you need to cut down on all the litter messiness.

Things to Know

  • Your feline may not like her new cat mats
  • Be sure to purchase the right size mat

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Cat Litter Mats- The Big Problem

The best mats are durable and able to really catch the litter that gets stuck between your cat's paws. There are some that have deep, cushy ridges that help trap stray litter. So when your cat walks on the mat with those ridges, it should catch any extra litter remaining on her soft paws.

Okay...so what's the problem?

Some cats will not like these type of litter-mats because of those ridges! This is quite funny.. because those ridges are what make them work so well. (Sigh) I knew it was too good to be true. Always remember, that you want to make her litter box as comfortable and clean as possible to prevent litter box problems.

Check out the cat litter training page for the various causes of litter box rejection. As far as the litter mat goes, you just have to try them out to see which one your cat will tolerate.

If you have a picky cat, then soft litterbox rugs and mats will probably be her preferred choice. Click to find the sales here...

About Size

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A good mat should be large enough to fit underneath your cat's litter pan. It would defeat the purpose of buying one if your cat doesn't step on it. If you have one of those covered litter boxes then it's easier. The only exit is where the litter mat goes.

Now, If you have what I like to call, an "open-air" litter box (a litter box without a cover) you can do either one of two things.

Option 1: You can measure your box and then purchase a mat that is large enough to allow your cat to step on it once she exits. Remember that the whole point is so your cat will step on the mat, to catch any litter that falls, either from the box or from her paws.

Option 2: The second thing you can do is purchase several mats and put them at each exit corner.

Your cat litter mat could definitely save you from a lot of daily sweeping and vacuuming, just be sure to keep in mind how your cat responds to it. A litterbox mat can be one of the most helpful cat litter accessories there is... that is if your cat doesn't mind it! : -)

Do You Have a Favorite Cat Litter Mat?

If you have a litter mat that works well for your home then please share it with others! Or, if you have a homemade mat you would like to share then please share it as well!

Here are some questions to answer that would be helpful:

* Does it help control litter from spreading and how?

* What kind of material is it made of?

* Does it have bumps or ridges on it?

* How larger or small is it?

* Where did you buy it?

* How did your cat react to it?

* Would you buy it again, why or why not?

* Is it machine washable?

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