The Breeze Litter Pan System

Review by: Christine

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I purchased the Tidy Cat litter pan for sale called the Breeze because of my prior purchases with the company with cat food and cat litter.

The stress of worrying about my cats' hygiene was frustrating. This box has changed not only my cats' lives, but mine as well.

It certainly is an attractive looking litter pan and no matter who you are, or what type of cats you have as pets, it is a very wise decision to buy something that works; not just for your cats but for your whole household.

As of right now, I own five cats that are all house broken but the manual litter boxes with the odious clay litter just weren't cutting it. Dust was all over the place and I have some respiratory issues so I need to be very careful with that stuff.

Because of the built in sifting system, it makes my job so much easier. All I have to do is sift the poo from the pellets. The urine sinks to the bottom and gets caught by the pee pads that are sort of like super absorbent sanitary pads (if you can believe it).

All you really need to worry about is changing the pee pads every few days or weekly if you have fewer cats. One thing I was worried about was whether my house would stink from the urine being held in the pads but there is no stink. One caution though, when you first get it be sure to check the pad daily because I've heard it can leak if it's too full!

So be careful if you are going away on vacation for a few days. There is also no tracking of the annoying litter like I used to have.. if anything it is an errant pellet or two every once in a while which I can chunk back in easily.

Now with the Breeze litter pan, I'll never have to worry about dust or scattered litter which makes me happy.

If you want to stop breathing in dust and deal with a stinky free house then this is for you.

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