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Review by: Alicia

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Our Litter Robot Automated Self-Cleaning cat litter box is stored under the stairs where not to be seen by our guests, it also keeps any residual smells isolated from the rest of the house.

This is the first automatic litter box we have owned but it was a hard time without it! This has eliminated tracking and the smell is much better than without a traditional litter box.

The time spent cleaning is virtually non-existent as the work is done for us. Our male cat was not too sure at first, when it kicked on he just looked at it, then he attacked it, then he used it again.

I would definitely recommend this box to anyone who would like to have more time enjoying cat ownership and less time dealing with their leavings. The only downside we have found is the slight noise when the litter box is rotating although it is almost entertaining when we actually see it happening.

I would recommend the Litter Robot to anyone who has somewhere to stash it, out of the way and away from guest areas in the home where the noise might prove to be a deterrent to normal conversation; or worse attract people to wanting to see an area of your home that is less than attractive.

They might be like we were though when we first saw this box at a friend's home and made up our mind to buy one.

Another handy option in this product is a tray that catches all the leavings which can be lined with a standard garbage bag, which makes the eventual dumping a breeze.

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