Solving a Litterbox Problem

The Wrong Location

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If you're having a litterbox problem then one of the first things you need to do is take a good look at the location of the litterbox.

Yes..location is very important and the wrong location can cause problems if kitty doesn't like your chosen spot for her litterbox area.

So why does a cat's litterbox location matter anyway?

The main reason you should choose her litterbox spot wisely is to prevent a litterbox problem from happening.

If she won't use her litterbox that means she'll find another suitable place to go.. and this is definitely what you DO NOT want.

Here are a few reasons why the wrong location may cause a litterbox problem so you can fix them!

Find out more about Cat Litter Box Problems and how to stop them for good by sticking with a maintenance schedule!

Beware of the following when selecting a litterbox location:

  • Sudden loud noises

  • Cold surfaces

As you can guess, the worst place for a kitty litter box may be by a washer/dryer. Another bad area may be a cold basement.

Loud noises near litterbox

Placing a litterbox beside or near noisy objects such as large kitchen appliance or washers/dryers is a not a good idea.. and here's why..

If you have a little cat in your life, then you know that they hate loud noises and nothing is louder than that mean old vacuum cleaner!

But besides the vacuum.. large appliances such as dishwashers, washing machine and dryers, garbage disposals and even shredders can frighten, irritate or just downright annoy your cat when she's using the litterbox.

Imagine this.. she's doing her business in her litterbox area in the laundry room and all of a sudden the washer goes into a noisy spin cycle. It may scare her.

She may start to associate all the loud noises or discomfort she feels with her litterbox. All she knows is that she gets scared when she uses the box..and so.. she opts for a different, quieter and much safer spot (in her mind).

So if you are having a litterbox problem and have her litter pan close to any of these or other loud noisemakers, you need to move the box to quieter and more private spot.

Placing the litterbox on cold surface floors

If you are trying to "hide away" the litterbox in an out of the way place where no one can smell it, then a basement may come to mind.

First of all, as far as odors go.. if you are properly maintaining your cat's litter box then it won't smell.. please check out some tips here on cat litter box problems/maintenance, to help.

Completely isolating the litter bins may also be a bad idea for a few other reasons which we'll cover later.. (Remember, you don't want to put the litter bins in a place where you rarely go to because you may forget to clean it!)

So, the problem with placing the litter pan in a basement is that the floor may be too cold.

Ask yourself,
"Do I like to walk on cold floors with my bare feet?"
Your answer is probably a big "NO," and your cat most likely doesn't like that cold floor either.

And, if you have a cat (like mine) who likes to scratch outside her box after she's used the litter pan, then she may not like the feel of a cold basement floor on her sensitive paws.

A great solution to help keep your furry friend comfortable and happy.. you could try buying a soft cat litter mat, to help her sensitive paws as well as keep a throw rug for her to walk over on her way to her litter box.

A basement, however, may not be the best choice since you may not frequently visit it on a daily basis, temperatures might be colder in winters and it may not be as comfortable for kitty to venture down there.

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