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LitterClean (with new 2010 formula) -- Cats Won't Use It

We and our cats liked the old LitterClean, available at SamsClub. In early 2010, the manufacturer changed the additives.

Now our cats defecate and pee on the floor, rather than use the new Litter Clean. Sams Club's explanation is that "cats are finicky." (We all know that.)

So far they have been disinterested in feedback and have not provided us with the manufacturer's phone number.

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Sep 07, 2011
Litter Clean Is Too Dusty !
by: kenz cats

I, too, liked the litter until the formula was changed. Now it is very dusty.

The area surrounding my litter box (for 3 cats) is covered in white powder from the litter. I tried calling the number because I was "not completly satisfied" as the package states, but the circuits were busy.

Very disappointing.

Mar 20, 2011
Sams Club Litter Clean
by: Monica

I agree with the post about Sam's Club Litter Clean changing. When I first started buying it I was excited that I had found a litter that controlled odor and was low dust. I have 5 cats and go through 40 lbs of litter a week so it gets really expensive! The Litter Clean now is SUPER dusty and smells like clay, it is also much finer now. My cats still use it, not like they have a choice since that is what is in their box, but I am definitley looking for an affordable LOW DUST litter.

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