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LitterClean works better than other litters I have tried over the years

I have one cat, she is about a 1.5 years old. I have used this stuff since she was a kitten. It controls odor as well if not better than the stuff I used 10 years ago with my last cat.

And It is the least expensive option I have found, although that is important it is not the only reason I use it. It works best if scooped at least daily, or whenever I go in the room (usually in the morning & at night). It seems to control odor well for a long period of time if you keep refreshing it with new litter as you scoop it out. I only have to change the box completely every few months, the last change went through 3 40 lb containers over ~ 6 months before complete change.

It doesn't seem to be very dusty as some have claimed a real plus, I put the stuff in the box one quart at a time to refill after scooping out a few times. I only dump in a full container a few times a year when i do a complete change so maybe that is why dust is not a issue for me.

It doesn't seem to get stuck on my cats paws very bad either. She is very hairy and has very hairy paws so she needs a litter that doesn't get stuck to her. It clumps well without a lot of issues other clumping litter have!

My cat & I both are Very happy with the stuff....

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