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Review by: Tracy

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The automatic cat box that we ended up purchasing was the LitterMaid LM900 (mega) self-cleaning litter box or Littermaid Mega.

In our household we have three cats. Their names are Diablo, Fuzzy and Diesel.

I bought this box on LitterMaid's online store and it cost around $140.00 plus shipping. I decided to buy this product because I was sick and tired of having to clean the litter box two or three times a week.

When I first received the Littermaid LM900 litter box, after setting it up the cats wanted to investigate it and see what was going on. It took them only a day or two to get used to using it and they love it now.

It's nice because it waits around 10 minutes after the cat has left the box before it does the cycle of cleaning. If you use cheaper litters, it cuts the performance of the cleaning machine.. so maybe that's why there are some complaints about it.

The company recommends you use the following litters; LitterMaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter, World's Best Cat Litter, Arm & Hammer Super Scoop, Fresh Step Scoopable, and Ever Clean Scoop Away.

The company also tells you to not use non-clumping, crystal or pearl-like litters. The thing I like most about this litter is that there is always fresh litter in the box.

It has cut down on the odor that used to come from the litter boxes. We have also been able to cut back from three litter boxes to just the one LitterMaid LM900.

I also like that you have the choice of using either batteries or a plug to operate it. The one thing I don't like about this box is that I haven't been able to find the replacement waste receptacle cartridges for the litter box. That means that I have to try and find them online on the LitterMaid website or find them on eBay.

The only thing that I have had to buy for this product is the waste receptacles. If you order them on the LitterMaid website, they come in a pack of 12 units. There are also many other accessories that you can buy for the litter box, which are also available on the LitterMaid website.

I'm happy with my unit and so are my cats.

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