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LitterMaid Mega Automatic LItter Box

by Ellen

I have been using these boxes for many years. I have had three maybe four. After awhile they just did not work, usually past the warranty.

I know they could probably be fixed but not worth my time and effort and cost to ship it back for repair. I tried an elite.

I hated it so I stored it in the basement. Now my latest mega box stopped working and I don't see them readily available locally anymore. I took out the old elite and set it up. It works, just doesn't get very far... Could be my litter clumps too much, but I hate it.

Nothing gets deposited in the box. The littermaid mega box when it worked was adequate for three or four cats. I did have to clean it everyday and as I said not ideal.

I don't know that anyone makes an ideal one. I just know I am NOT happy now and I hate not having a working automatic box. Even though the mega box was not all that thorough, it did scrap u a fair amount of waste into the box.

I used a third party box that was bigger an easier to care for, but that is another problem when using other models.

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Oct 05, 2011
My Littermaid
by: Anonymous

littermaid, unsatisfactory, would not buy another.
BEWARE of ON Sale products, they quickly are out of warranty and then they break.

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